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Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters

"Judgment has been passed.
What you mean by peace is
nothing more than the endless
repetition of human folly..."

-God Warrior
Miyazaki, Nausicaa

THE WORLD OF KRAE - Tales of the Korthian Hold is vast, with an expansive cast of characters ranging from the Dwarf populations of the Korthian Mountains and the Northern Ridge, to the Elven realms of the Paaln and forest kingdom ruins of Jearyet.

Assembled here are the characters of the saga, presented with summarized biographies and illustrations. These characters have been separated into three categories: primary characters (our chief players, including the dominant protagonists and a ntagonists), secondary characters (including more dwarves, elves and goblinoids), and the tertiary characters (groups and individuals who appear only in cameos or later in the saga).

Although many of these characters can be seen in the First Tale, several have been included that will not appear until a later date.

Pictured clockwise: Corek, Rolk, Urked, Grimble, Torrec, and Tilarrum.



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