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Here Phaethon lies: in Phoebus' car he fared,
and though he greatly failed, more greatly dared.



KRAE - Tales of the Korthian Hold arose from the mind of Kevin P. Croall. The mythos for this rich and sometimes unfamiliar world can be seen in the artwork of this section.

In this section you can view paintings, comic book pages, and sketches from the world of Krae.

Goblin lands. The common goblin practice is to litter their territories with the skulls of their enemies. A warning to those who draw near.
"KRAE Tales of the Korthian Hold has everything I loved about the silver age comics in the same genre. The mix of characters, the rough action, and even the art stylings... pardon the pun but there is something 'magic' going on here... in an almost Buscema/Conan fashion. A leather-clad moss-covered tribute to the fantasy books of bygone days."

Editor-in-Chief, MAIN Publications

"Kevin is a terrific artist, molded in the tradition of Frank Thorne & Tom Sutton. He has a great grasp of layout, anatomy and putting an organic feel into his art. I can always rely on bold, consistent work from the man."

-SS Crompton
Publisher, Carnal Comics



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