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 Toadstool Enterprises
 P.O. Box 5163,
 Santa Clara, CA




Issue #3 November 1999

"Default Factor 12" Manipulation 3.
Black and White, 24 Pages.

The Gothic Cyberpunk Adventure!



(From Diamond Previews) "In the dark heart of city 6200, the TEMPEST sleeps. Fashioned in the twisted minds of the BUILDERS and forged with the altered DNA of a once proud human race, he is an icon of the Founders' wars, a by-product of all their ingenuity and dementia. With action boiling, manga style storytelling and a dark kick, this issue explores the masterminds behind the wars (Overwatch) and singles out several of their players... including the sexy Factor 9, who is beginning to question their sincerity and her part in the Founders' wars."



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